Gen. 1 Chapter 13.

Screenshot-203 Screenshot-204

It was finally the weekend and it was a quiet morning you could hear a pendrop in the Coleman house.  Gavin was up early, as he walked towards the kitchen for a bowl a cereal he walked passed the cat and said “goodmorning” to Charcoal. This day was going to be the last day Gavin would see Charcoal for awhile because that  night Gavin was moving. Off to college Gavin would go! He had all his things packed and ready.


After a few hours the doorbell rang, Noel was standing on the front porch. Gavin let her in, he was one of the lucky ones because Noel was attending the same University that he was.  So now they’re  going up there together.  She brought all her things inside while she was waiting for the moving truck along with him.  Then the Twins woke up.


It was their Birthday! Out of all, Allison woke up in the best mood. And if anyone was the most excited for College it was Allie. She has been waiting for this moment for a long time.  The only thing she wasn’t excited about was leaving her boyfriend. He couldn’t go with her because he cannot afford. His family is pretty poor (I’ve visited his house before. He lives with his Mom and the house is TINY) but she promised him that she’d wait for him so they can start a life once she got back.

Screenshot-206 Screenshot-207

Then it was Cameron’s turn. Cameron seemed content, but the older he got the cockier he got. His theory is “I can do whatever I want and no ones going to stop me.” Bambi wanted Cameron for herself when he gets back from College. He didn’t break the relationship off,  even knowing he would not commit but said he would try and keep contact with her as much as possible. Messing with girls heads is Cameron’s specialty and he doesn’t care about how it effects the other person.


Later that evening everyone was doing their last minute packing, and making sure they were all good to go. Then Gavin got a call from Van company. They told him they will be there soon so he should make sure he’s ready. He told Cameron and Allie what the Van company said to him, and they went right to it.

Screenshot-209 Screenshot-210

Conor was sad to see all three of his children leave him. He knew they were grown up but was giving them speeches anyway.

Conor: Cameron don’t get in too much trouble, finish all your work – and Allison I’m not even worried you won’t do what you’re suppose too. Cause you always do what is expected out of you. And Gavin, you and Noel play nice. I know you’re happy about going to University together but still do what you need to do-

Conor went on and on but the kids did not mind. They were use to all his talking as much as they didn’t want to hear it because he was a teacher afterall. He gave them hugs, said his goodbyes, and bid them farewell.


Time was getting close. The students went outside and played in the snow while waiting on the Van. Cameron was going to do Business major once he got there, Gavin is doing communications,  Allison and Noel are doing Finearts. While Conor was devastated, his children were filled with so much joy and excitement. They could finally leave the house and feel independent.

Screenshot-213 Screenshot-214

The Van was finally there, so the students put all their things inside the trunk, grabbed a seat, and left. Conor stayed outside and watched the van leave, waving until they faded away into the snow! (Lol, the snowman)

Screenshot-216 Screenshot-217

The Coleman kids arrived. All of their faces lit up. They could not believe they were on campus!  They had the choice between a house that Conor was willing to rent out for them or to just dorm. They wanted to be around new people, and to experience new things. So they put the house rent offer aside. 

Screenshot-218 Screenshot-219

Cameron and Noel were outside, looking at the bulletin board. A random student recognized Cameron and asked him what his name was. He told her his name, and she became brain dead more-so stunned. She could not believe it was Cameron Coleman right in front of her. Back at home, Cameron was gaining popularity from his personal blog. He has around  6,000 followers and his blog is top rated with 5 stars.. And most of his followers have donated so much to him so if he ever wanted to start a riot on campus, he probably could and it would be a success. Never did he think he would get noticed on campus for it though. This gave Cameron a good feeling about how University was going to be for him. Noel wanted to make money right away, so she looked for a few on campus  jobs she could do real fast.

Screenshot-220 Screenshot-222 Screenshot-223

Noel went out, working, and exploring the campus already. The Coleman’s were just getting started, hanging out in the dorm for awhile taking it one step at a time. They know they had a meet and greet with the student’s and professors soon at the student union building but they went ahead and claimed their dorms and all that first. Cameron was on his phone, blogging as usual. Over every little thing he did. Gavin was checking out the place, and Allison was checking up on them to see what they were up too.


When Cameron finally had the strength to put away his phone he walked over to Gavin and asked if he wanted to go to the meet and greet with him along with Allie. They wanted to head down early before it got too crowded. Gavin told him to go ahead, he’ll catch up later because he has to pick up something from his class. Cameron shrugged and ran off.


First thing Cam did when he entered the building was snatch up some of the freebies and then blog about it. 

Screenshot-226 Screenshot-227

In the middle of his snatching spree, he got a call from his girlfriend Bambi from back at home. She was asking too many questions, not regular questions but questions like “Have you met anyone? You haven’t been talking to other girls, right?” This annoyed Cam, he was embarrassed because for one she was a year younger than him. And technically, Cam likes older girls. He just likes to play with younger girls heads since he thinks of them as naive. He asked Bambi why was she calling him already, she was disturbing his college enjoyment. She apologized, he laughed and hung up. Allie was picking out freebies for herself too, all she grabbed was a poster, and a candybar. Unlike Cam who grabbed everything twice..


Noel had stopped by, fast walking past Cam.

Cameron: What are you doing here? I thought you were working.

Noel: I am, I just have a break I wanted to get some freebies!

Cameron: Ah..


Once again Cameron was on his phone nonstop texting and blogging. This time a paparazzi creeped up behind him. He even blogged about the paparazzi following him, and that alone got him 50 extra followers. It was official that, Cameron is the “celeb” on campus and he knew it too. He didn’t brag about it, because he was too modest for that.. Cameron had already knew the girl he met earlier ratted him out and told everyone about how she saw him.

Screenshot-231 Screenshot-232 Screenshot-233

Gavin finally came, he got the device he needed from his teachers for his communications major. He set it up and tried it out. A random girl came to the Union building looking for Cameron but was pulled over my Gavin. He asked if he could interview her. She agreed to it but it didn’t end up turning out so well, he asked something he shouldn’t of asked and it made her upset. More of her negative energy was towards how she missed the opportunity to talk to Cameron because he went somewhere else in the building.

Screenshot-234 Screenshot-235

Allison was playing games at the arcade. Cameron saw her playing all alone so he began to join her.. Then blogged about it, of course. 


Since Gavin’s interview went horribly wrong and was complete fail on his behalf, he went downstairs and practiced on presenting. He needed to build up his Charisma skills,  he was not a good speaker as much as he thought. You would think he would be, since his Father was a teacher but Gavin didn’t get that part of his genes. If anyone’s a smooth talker in the family it would be Cameron. After a fullday at the meet and greet building they all went to their dorms. Then the next morning had classes, and then some-more classes. Time went on and for the most part they were doing what they needed to do as Conor had asked.


Cameron got up one early morning and was completely bored with his dorm. He felt the party dorms were all the ones but his and it made him regret choosing it. The dorm he chose was full of people like Allison! Goodie toe shoe’s , and nerds that get all their things done and spend 90% of their time studying. Cameron felt out of place, because he was a rebel, he wanted to skip classes, party, get drunk, but no one in his dorm was down. So he was going to take it into his own hands and plan a bonfire party.

Screenshot-241 Screenshot-242

There was no balanced eating at College. Whether it was breakfast, lunch, and dinner they ate whatever they wanted. Noel and Cameron made themselves snow-cones first thing! Then he asked Noel what she thought about the bonfire party idea and she thought it was perfect. She agreed that this dorm should be jazzed up a bit, it was dead. The good thing was, everyone was nice. They didn’t have annoying or rude roommates.

Screenshot-245 Screenshot-246 Screenshot-247

And the party had begun. Cameron threw one after class, and blogged about it telling people that there’s a party at their dorm but the bonfire will get started at night. He knew not many people would show up until later anyway, cause of classes. They run till 6 or even 7 sometimes. It didn’t take too much time before the party got out of hand though.

Screenshot-248 Screenshot-249

That being said, it went COMPLETELY out of hand. Some dude grabbed Noel and started kissing her, and Noel didn’t even fight it back. Cameron saw the whole thing from afar, and Noel wasn’t drunk she hasn’t had anything to drink since the party had started..So she was perfectly aware of what she was doing.

Screenshot-250 Screenshot-251

Cameron  raged. He was turned off by what he had seen, and was furious to even think she’d do such a thing. Yeah he does that to girls, but to see someone do that to his own brother really made him pissed off. He also knew how much Gavin liked her, he texted Gavin to come over and told him as soon as possible. Cam didn’t care if it made him a snitch, family is family.


Gavin marched on over to  them to set things straight and asked if it was true, the guy didn’t have any problem telling Gavin the truth. “Yes.” while Noel was struggling with her words. But you see, the guy that kissed Noel has  a trait of evil so chances 9 out of 10 he could of cared less about the situation or how Gavin felt about it. Gavin was calm at first because he wanted it to be a lie, but that just made him angry.

Screenshot-253 Screenshot-255

He broke it off with Noel instantly, and called it quits. He’s never felt so hurt, Noel was his first love. The dude found it hilarious and started smiling. Well, that party sure wasn’t a good day for either of them. They ignored each-other for the  rest of that day.


Cameron snapped a picture of that drama and blogged about it, which got him 4,000 likes on one picture.. What can you really do, that’s Cam for ya.


The party died for a bit so Cam did some studying, just to make time pass. Allison was gracefully walking around eating snacks and doing her own thing. She didn’t care about the shenanigans that had happen between Noel and Gavin. She thinks College is for learning anyway, not relationships and crazy partying. But she only thought that since she had someone waiting for her back on home.  But everyone thought of Allie as the Nerdy Mother in her dorm. She picks up after everyone, cooks peoples lunches and dinner if she doesn’t have a late class, helps everyone with their homework if needed, they absolutely loved it. When she cooked meals, sometimes people would put in a request because she could prepare anything. She’s even the reason why they have snow-cones..Students who aren’t even apart of their down visit just for that.  She bought the maker for her everyone to use. It may be a “boring” dorm, but they sure do eat well! What would her dorm do without her.

Screenshot-472 Screenshot-473 Screenshot-474

A fan, and a donater to Cam’s blog showed up.  Her name was Breezy. She couldn’t stay for long but Cameron promised her a picture with him. Yeah, he did flirt a bit. But that’s only normal with Cam, right?

Screenshot-455 Screenshot-456 Screenshot-457 Screenshot-459

It was getting late, the bonfire finally started. Cameron was on his phone the entire time as usual, the girl that Gavin interviewed on the first day of his arrival was there. She finally got a chance to talk to him. Most girls got jealous when they found out Allie was his twin! They look nothing a like so they didn’t know she was related to Cameron. Some girls even tried to be her bestfriend just because they were syblings but Allison was shy, and didn’t say much when she was being asked questions. There there was Liv, girl with the purple hair who always texted for Cameron to hangout. He could never make it, but she made it to his bonfire.

Screenshot-460 Screenshot-461

For the rest of that night Gavin and Cameron played ping-pong with eachother, and everyone near the bonfire started to smell!

Screenshot-462 Screenshot-463

One afternoon Cameron had 3 hours break before his class started. He went to the science building, even though it wasn’t required for his major and donated some of his Saliva. His mouth felt try and weird afterwards, so he kept licking his lips. At the end of the day he felt good about giving away something for a semi-nice cause instead of donating to bad charity’s. 

Screenshot-464 Screenshot-465

Cameron had an hour left, he stopped by Grotto’s and got himself  some herbal tea, and this time tweeted about it. Then it was time for him to go~


He had a lecture class. Those are the most boring classes of all. Good thing they’re only for two hours. Afterwards a classmate asked if he could take Cameron’s picture. 

Screenshot-467 Screenshot-468 Screenshot-469 Screenshot-470 Screenshot-471

When that was done, Cam didn’t want to go straight to his dorm. He spent the rest of his evening out bowling! In the middle of it, a friend from his class asked him out on a date. A date to Cameron is the same thing as an outing, its just with a girl. So he said yes since he was already out. He told her where he was. She joined him in his cosmic bowling until it had closed. He then parted his ways with his date, and quickly got dressed for a party Liv had invited him too. (Gavin and Allison were asleep and always did what they were suppose too. I admit I played with Cameron a whole lot more in university because he was the ultimate college student. He’s the kind of sim you’d actually want to play with in university. I got to try out everything with him.)

Screenshot-475 Screenshot-476 Screenshot-477

He went to the party, seduced Liv, and the rest is history! Cameron did not care about his girlfriend at home or whether she found out or not about how he was acting in college, he was living it up and having fun. Liv had crushed on Cam since the moment he got there, and that night she finally got a kiss from him.


After Cam chilled with the girls, he hungout with the guys. Everyone was getting together since graduation was about to be right around the corner.

Screenshot-484 Screenshot-485

When Cameron got back he did his last minute studying, and organizing.. He had to catch up. Then he finally went to bed.

Screenshot-492 Screenshot-494 Screenshot-495

Allison woke up early so she could do extra credit for her classes. Allison loved the assignments she was givin’, she actually had the highest grade and had made it to dean’s list each term. Gavin and Cameron did not make Dean’s list, so for Allie that was a special moment and motivated her even more. In the dorm’s she had a room all to herself now. She was sharing with Noel, but ever since the breakup between her and Gavin she left. Allie didn’t mind it because she liked the quiet environment. 

Screenshot-480 Screenshot-481

Allie found Cam downstairs playing videogames and joined in with him. They both started to get competitive.. Nerds!

Screenshot-517 Screenshot-518 Screenshot-519

(Allison in class.)

Screenshot-478 Screenshot-488 Screenshot-489 Screenshot-490 Screenshot-491 Screenshot-497

This was a day where Cameron and Allie spent most of the time with each-other whenever they could in-between classes. Bro and sister bonding in college! Plus there was less partying for Cameron and more last minute studying. It was so close to exams! Even Allie took time out to help him she knew how far behind he was. Cameron tried so hard to pay more attention in classes. That worked for about 30 minutes..

Screenshot-501 Screenshot-506

Between Allie’s class there was a live performance which she watched with her fellow classmates, and between Gavin’s class he got a text message from Noel saying how sorry she was, and that she left. Gavin accepted the apology but knew he didn’t want to be with her ever again. 

Screenshot-498 Screenshot-520 Screenshot-521

Later that day all the Coleman’s got together. They had made it so far, they only had one more day until graduating. Why not have a night-out? And since Allison and Gavin haven’t been cosmic bowling yet, Cam talked them into it. But after Allison wanted to study more.


Allison had one more class she had to do the next morning. It was her very last activity before her final exams! It was her absolute favorite thing to do, which was sketching. Okay well, ballet was her favorite but sketching was her second favorite thing. She was determined to get it done, she was on deanslist!

Screenshot-526Then something was falling from the sky..Classmates had no idea what was going on. So they stood there, and just waited to see what it was.

Classmate 1: It’s a bird!

Classmate 2: It’s a plane!

Classmate 3: It’s a-

An unexpected explosion took place.

Screenshot-527 Screenshot-528


It was a gigantic meteor that landed right on top of Allie.. Right before exams too. (What the hell. -_-)

Screenshot-529 Screenshot-530

Grim reaper was ready to take Allie. And the thing is Allie was smiling, she was too good of a sim to let her death bring her down. Classmates were crying, there was side effects, students were burned from it but Allie got most of the wrath. That had to hurt.. All that fire!  It’s upsetting because Allison was the only girl,  Conor isn’t going to take this lightly at all.


Allison wasn’t the only one who wasn’t going to make it home on time. Her classmate that was working behind her, got the worse of the side effects..They were so focused on their work they did not move when all the commotion was taking place.


There was an announcement all over campus about the heartbreaking tragedy  Gavin heard about it, and broke down crying. He no longer had his baby sister, and Cameron no longer had his other half. It’s true. Spend as much time as you can with someone cause you never know how long they’ll be around. Even Allie stayed faithful and true throughout this entire thing and was going to return home to her boyfriend. But now, she won’t be..RIP Allison Coleman you will be missed! (Times like this I wish it wasn’t a challenge cause I would use Amborosa  ASAP)

Screenshot-539 Screenshot-541 Screenshot-542 Screenshot-543 Screenshot-544 Screenshot-545 Screenshot-546 Screenshot-547

It was graduation.. The brothers tried to stay as positive as they could, celebrated, took pictures,  they were glad about it, but were wishing Allison was right there with them to celebratee. Cameron was still a blog addict, but he had offers. People wanted to buy out his blog since it was a hit. He was thinking about letting go, his ego had crashed and he was kinda depressed and didn’t care about it anymore. All he wanted was his twin back honestly. He broke up with Bambi on his graduation, he did not care anything.


The boys packed, said goodbye to their roommates and returned home. University was like a good and bad memory to them now. They did not want to stay any longer than they needed to be even though people were throwing after parties. The family was mourning. They could not handle it anymore.

Screenshot-548 Screenshot-549 Screenshot-550

When they returned home Conor had heard about the bad news.. The principle contacted him right after the meteor explosion. Cameron tried to cheer Conor up, but that didn’t work. The boys know how their father gets with death so they just let him be. Gavin went into his room and started crying, Cameron went into Allie’s room and started reminiscing on all the times they spent together. It felt cold.. and lonely. But he knew he wanted to make something of his life, and make her proud. Allie wanted to come home, see her boyfriend, probably get married to him even. But she will never get that chance ever. Cameron was thinking about how lucky he was to even be alive, so he sold his blog, and which ended up being worth 15,000 and uploaded his resume. There’s more to life than partying, playing chicks, and being popular. The Coleman brothers were adults and slowly learning, and were preparing for leaving home.


17 thoughts on “Gen. 1 Chapter 13.

  1. OMG! I wasn’t expecting anyone to die from the meteor! Poor Allie and her family! 😦

    Uni looked like it was fun for you, there was so much there that I haven’t even thought of trying yet. I really need a sim that wants to go there right now. 😛 Nice Update!

    • I wasn’t expecting her to die from the meteor either, I was like why is everyone freaking out?! I started putting my camera on the students and snapped their reactions then I zoomed out and a large BOOM I zoomed back in to find out it was aiming directly at MY sim WTH. The coleman family experiences all the uncommon deaths I swear. 😦 It makes me sad because I worked hard with her, she kept straight A’s in school, took after school classes, had a bunch of skills that were high earning them since she was a toddler. And when she attended college she did just the same, it’s like all that hard work for nothing 😦 I actually play when I do my legacy, that’s why there’s never a lot of pictures. But I tried for the final chapter. 🙂

      But yeah University was so much fun!!!!! Definitely worth the $$$. Cameron was the coolest student, everyone on campus would call him up and invite him to parties and dates, his phone rang every 10 seconds, he stayed out late, skipped class, cheated on exams, I did all the crazy stuff with Cam. Probably cause I wouldn’t feel guilty since he’s already a “bad” sim. 😀 I just didn’t capture all the moments. But there’s so much to do there, I haven’t tried out the scientific part of it yet, with the plant sims and herbs. But I’ll get to that soon.

      You should make a sim that wants to go there, that would be awesome! And thanks! Thank you for reading it. It’s nice to know when people do! I feel like I just ranted. LOL sorry for the paragraph I think this is my favorite yet least favorite chapter at the same time.

  2. WTF? You had the worst luck with random deaths! But I don’t need to tell you that. 🙂 I like Cam’s personality, he cracked me up, and you’re right he was probably the most interesting to follow through University. I also loved that he told Gavin about… Noel. Grr. Noel, you jerk-face. Gavin can do so much better.

    • I know right, I actually cheated because at University cameron slammed and shaked the soda machine and it fell on top of him and he died.. I just didn’t save that game because it was too close to doing the heir poll Haha! So if I had to let one go, it had to be Allie..

      But yeah, he was a lot of fun in University, he was livin’ it up. And the guy did that to Noel on his own! I turrned the camera around and saw her making out I was like “:O” shocked. She didn’t even fight it. 😦 But yes, he can do so much better. I have a girl ready for Gavin and Cameron so whichever one wins, I’m well prepared.

  3. Great update!
    Wow.. I cant believe Allie died.. That’s so sad! It sucks that she didn’t at least get to graduate from her stunningly good grades and come home to see Conor and her bf.
    Cam is such a player, jeez! Haha. Kissing so many girls.. Speaking of kissing, WTF NOEL?! Poor Gavin..! There’s so much humor and fun in this chapter, but also so much sadness! After all of this, I think I know who I want to be heir! I’m going to go vote now. Can’t wait fr the results to come in. 🙂
    I’m going to download whoever doesn’t win heir, though, I wouldn’t mind either one! I’m open for sharing Sims as well, let me know if you ever want a Sim made, if it ever comes to mind.
    Looking forward to more!

      • University is a lot of fun!!!!!!!! I love that expansion. I might not do uni visits each time in my generations but I do plan on going there in somemore. 😀 But thanks haha, I tried my best!

    • It’s called the curse of the coleman!!! 😦 But yeah, I played good with her, all those skills gone out the window. And dude he is a player, ahaha I think if Cam lost he would be the perfect Sim for people that do that 100 baby challenge thing cause he wouldn’t care. 😉

      And yeah, Noel’s an idiot, and she started smiling, wtf. But that’s okay, I got a new sim in mind for Gavin. 😛

      Thanks for voting btw! And sure thing, maybe for one of the generations I’ll hold a contest for people to enter their sims to be apart of the Coleman legacy, I’ll choose one or two. It’ll most likely be a female that I’d want, cause each generation will have Male heirs. not sure if it’ll end up being a contest or not yet but in one of the generations I will do something like that maybe. Just a random thought that came to mind.

  4. Allie you will be missed 😥 I had fun playing with university too my Favorite Sim Hannah was a jock… the funny thing is she has the loser and loner traits and I couldn’t help but to laugh I let her wishes chose what would happen… funny 🙂

    • Haha, that’s funny. It’s always fun twisting up the game like that. Having a quiet loner person hang with the jocks. I do that too, I go by what my sims want in their wishes and addition to that, I put my game on highfreewill so my sims can tell the story, I just tag along with it. 😀

  5. Oh no~ Meteors always strike at the most inconvenient times! ^_^ I’m really loving your story. Great characters and the story line is quick paced, but still has a great plot and details! Plus the pics are awesome!

    • They do! I think meteors are most likely to happen at university since there’s so much wide open space. I heard that’s how meteors come if it’s a wide area, but I could be wrong. And thanks haha I’m happy you think the plots good cause I always felt like It’s too quick paced or rushy wasn’t sure if that got on peoples nerves or not. I just don’t want to spend 4 or 5 months on one generation like some people do. It’s cool for the ones that do though, kudos to them they have patience and a lot of creativity. Me on the otherhand, eh.. I’d rather put as much info as I can and get on with it. 😛

  6. This was so heart breaking D: I really liked Allie, they really do seem to have horrible luck! University seems like so much fun, I’m really going to have to buy it ASAP! I voted for Cam, because I’d love to see what he’s like as a dad! I feel like he’d have a hard time settling down, unlike Gavin and Allie if she was still alive D:

    • Right?! Allie was awesome. She was the only one who looked so close to my founder 😦 The rest look like Jenni from her plastic surgery hahaha. But you need to buy it university is worth it, like even if you don’t want to play in university the new objects alone are worth it. 🙂

      It’s like everyone’s opinion on Cameron is true if he gets chosen. He will have a hard time settling down. But we’ll have to see, I like both of them. I don’t mind playing either haha! I already have the main girls ready for them, their houses, and an idea for both of them either way so I’m prepared for both sides of the results since I will never know. 😉

  7. What- another random death 0.o And a meteor, no less! You sure have bad luck in your game… poor Allie. I could really see Conor in her…
    Cameron, you two-timer >.> hitting it off with so many women, and then getting mad when you see a girl doing the same. That’s just hypocrite, really. XD
    He’s still quite the charmer, though. =3

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