ddkfjkdjdjkfdf Contest????

I’m thinking about entering this contest. I don’t even care about the prize, the building part just seems like so much fun. Should I? fkdfkdkfdkjf ahh, I’m really tempted too. I’m not sure which group I would go for though. Since I’m so simple, probably jocks or nerds..  I just want to keep myself active in the Sims community. The more active I am, the more fun I’m having Haha. Even though I’m already busy as it is with my legacy, but  I want to break for a second and build. But I don’t know I might or might not. Well see, check it out here!


(I should be in bed right now instead I’m on Sim forums wtf)

Okay so I started working on this lastnight. I’m tired. Theme: Aliens



16 thoughts on “ddkfjkdjdjkfdf Contest????

  1. Enter, I say! – How could I say anything else, as I did already, hehe ^^
    Ernesa takes hosting very serious apparently, and for me the whole idea is the fun of building, too. I think it’s always nice to build even if you are working on a story 🙂

    • Oh yeah, after I posted this I saw your submission! I didn’t know you had entered, so that was really cool. I like yours too. Hopefully you win in that category. And that’s true! 😀

  2. Do it! All of your homes are always so nicely put together and awesome. You could totally win! I think you’d do best in either the Jock, Nerd, or Islanders category! Good luck if you enter. :).

    • Thanks! Haha, I’ll probably build them first before I enter so I can be prepared. Like once I enter everything will be ready lmao. They’ll be like what?! I think I’m going to go for Alien, and Nerd! I’ll do those two. On a 30×20 lot.

      @Everyone I’ll also post pictures of the houses I make in this post. So keep checking back. I’ll be updating it. I don’t really want to put it in houses if it isn’t related to my legacy.

  3. It sounds like fun!
    I don’t know if I have the mind frame to do this atm… too busy with my legacy and other stuff I want to get done before the end of March. -_-
    Wishing you luck!!

      • Right. Sometimes you want to stop writing a legacy and such to build, its like an urge. I have felt it, more when making sims. I have spent weeks just creating sims, telling myself I’m creating diversity, then I realize I’m not even playing an actual game but dressing up my dolls LOL. But that is also part of the game hahaha. Love it.

      • Exactly! I get those urges a lot man. And yeah I usually create new sims if I’m tired of the ones I’m playing. Like I could go weeks playing a sim a created out of random and never get bored. But for my legacy, I’ve been creating random sims like craaaaazy! It’s fun though.

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