Gen. 2 Chapter 1.

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Before I go on about Cameron, I thought I should update everyone on Roland’s life. Since he’s not related by blood, hardly anywhere in the story now, and moved out, he’s pretty much on the side and no one knows what he’s been doing since then. Yet, he’s still wondering around in Twinbrook. His father Goodwin is still alive, and till this day they still haven’t spoken. Roland has lost his grandparents, his Mother, and his Father. He was his own legacy! Eventually, Roland found himself a girlfriend who he met at work, they aren’t married but have been dating for awhile now. Her name is Demi and she’s met the Coleman family at events he’s invited her too and loves the family a lot probably because she didn’t have much of a family either. She moved in with Roland and his adopted dog which was in the same exact house Conor use to live in when he started off.  But time was tickin’ and he was getting old, so Demi and Roland knew they were perfect and thought it was time to move on to the next step.

Screenshot-571 Screenshot-572 Screenshot-573

They wanted to start a family with each other as soon as they could so they did. Demi gave birth to a baby girl who they named Kayla. Kayla Coleman was the very first Grandchild! She looks exactly like Roland. The only thing she got from her Mom was the hair color. If Roland had a twin, Kayla would have been the perfect look-alike. For awhile Kayla was spoiled because she was the first grandchild, and only grandchild. But not for long..

Screenshot-553 Screenshot-555

Let’s move on shall we.. Now, this is pretty old but it leads up to the situation that is at hand for Mr. Cameron. We all know Cameron is a player and addicted to sex, even miss Naomi knew that but she did not care because she was the same way. A social butterfly, and a party animal all in one. This chick was all about the fun in life. That’s what Cameron liked about her, a girl who he can easily hook up with, and have a good time without becoming emotionally attached. A few weeks after Cameron came back from College, he invited her to come over. Naomi was famous too, she was a three star celebrity from part time modeling and found Cameron on his blog. That’s when they started communicating. Cameron and Naomi were close from then on because they were so popular online, and not to mention camera whores. They take pictures of themselves all the time! When she came over, Cameron talked her into woohooing with him. Of course she said yes. On top of that it was cold, perfect time to cuddle. After they were done, they just said their goodbyes as if nothing had happen. But that was the past. 


Speaking of pasts, Before both of the Coleman brother’s moved out they convinced Conor to move out with one of them. They knew it was going to be hard, because all of the family’s memories took place in that house. Gavin and Cameron had a different perspective, they thought of it as a Mourn hole that they could not escape unless they left. They did not want Conor to deal with those deep emotion and thoughts on his deathbed either. Conor was honestly getting old, and they did not want him to pass on at that house where Max was lost, their Mother was lost, and their sister were lost. It was time to let it all go, and move out for a fresh start. Conor gave in, and agreed. He wanted to live with Gavin, but Cameron insisted he stayed with him. So he packed his stuff and moved in.


It was a fullmoon as always, Conor had prepared redlobster thermador for dinner.  It was a father and son chill night for them both.  That’s what Cameron needed after his fullday. Everyday after work he went out partying, or out on dates, and if not he went to the bar just to drink some. Cam was so fast paced it was hard to reach him, even on his phone. He gives out his number like it’s candy, it’s always blowing up anywhere he goes with missed calls and text messages. Conor tried to tell him to slow down, but he doesn’t listen.  And his job doesn’t help either, he’s in the criminal career on top of that. Yeah he’s phenomenal at it, but Conor never understood why he chose it.


After dinner Cameron and Conor watched TV. Well, mostly Cameron was watching TV.. Conor was reading a book. While watching television Cameron heard his phone ring which wasn’t new. Only difference is this time he chose to pick up. His phones been ringing off the hook, he’s just been lazy.


Cameron answered it as much as he didn’t want too, and plus he wasn’t doing anything anyways.. Good thing he did answer it though, It was Naomi! He hasn’t talked to her or heard from her in a very long time so this made Cameron excited. Once Cameron got a job they went separate ways. Naomi was flattered by Cam’s excitement but she didn’t call to just say hi. Her first words were “We need to talk.” She had something to tell Cameron.  Said it was an emergency, and that he deserved to know. He told her his new address and invited her over, she said she wasn’t too far so she’d be there in a few minutes.  This scared Cam, because he wasn’t sure what it was.


Naomi arrived! and with good timing too. Conor had answered the door to let her in.  

Conor: Nice to see you again Naomi, it’s been awhile. 

Naomi: Nice to see you too Mr. Coleman! Where’s Camerson?

Conor: He’s in the living room, I’ll take you right in.

Naomi: Thank you sir.

When Naomi went in she seemed stunned to see Cameron again, and was also nervous to tell him.. Well, what she wanted to tell him.


Cameron has been with too many girls to even react strange to the visit,  the only concern he had was with what she was going to tell him, other than that he wasn’t nervous at all. He went right up to Naomi like they’ve been tight as ice for a thousand years to give her a warm hug. She told him “Not so tight..” indicating he was squishing her. “Oh, sorry.” Cam said.  Naomi didn’t want to go right into it, so they made conversation first.


Naomi: Cam, who’s that girl in the picture? I don’t remember meeting her before? 

Cameron: Oh, uh.. That’s my sister.

Naomi: Your sister? I didn’t know you had a sister.

Cameron: Yeah, she’s my twin.

Naomi: You have a twin? I didn’t know you had a twin, oh my god.

Cameron: Yep.

Naomi: What happen to her? How come I haven’t met her yet? I met most of your family.

Cameron let out a sigh, he didn’t want to tell her but he didn’t want to keep running from the topic everytime someone asked him about her so he explained Allison’s death as fast as he could. Naomi apologized for asking in the first place, she knows how hard it must’ve been to lose the other half of himself. Then he tried to change the subject, Naomi didn’t mind it. She was trying to avoid a topic herself. Atleast they were on the same page. 


That didn’t last long..  Cameron went right into it and asked her what she wanted to tell him.

Cameron: So.. isn’t there something you have to tell me?

Naomi: First, I’d like to ask, under any circumstances would it be possible for you to move in with me? Or if not, can I  make the adjustment and move in with you?

Cameron: Er.. Like roommates? 

Naomi: Um.. Kind of like –

Cameron cut her off, he thought it was silly that anyone would ever want to be his roommate. He has no balanced schedule, all he does is stay out late, and party.

Cameron: No offence but why would you want to do that? 

Naomi: Because Cameron.

Cameron: I mean you know you’re my homegirl, you can move in cause I’m not going anywhere I recently got settled and I love my. And all my family’s here and I need to be with my Dad, he doesn’t have that much time left.. But first things first, you can’t move in until you tell my why you want too. This is random.


Naomi looked Cameron  in the eye.

Naomi: Are you sure.. I really  don’t know how you’re going to take this. Because, I know how you are I know how you get, and I’m not sure if you’re ready.

Cameron: What.. You’re scaring me now.


Naomi: I’m pregnant.

Cameron: Okay? Congrats. I don’t see why you’re being dramatic about it.

Naomi: NO Cameron you’re missing the point.

Cameron: What point?

Cameron really was that dumb, he had no idea what her point was. She she had to break it down for him just so he got the hint.

Naomi: Remember that day.. In the igloo?

Cameron: Yeah, so?

Naomi: Cameron, the baby is yours.

Cameron’s heart stopped he was in total shock and no words could come out of his mouth. He did NOT want to have ANY kids. Cameron was the type of person who always said he never wanted to be a Dad. Even to his friends. He thought other people with kids are alright, but he was not the type to even think about living a life like that or having any of his own. Cameron had a lot of growing up to do, he did not want to be tied down to one girl for the rest of his life.

Naomi: Cameron will you say something..I’m already nervous as it is.

Screenshot-590 Screenshot-594 Screenshot-595

“Oh.. uh.. That’s great..” Cameron said as an unsure answer. He really wanted to pull his hair out. “Are you are?” Naomi gave him a weird look. “I think so..” This was the beginning of a nightmare for Cameron. Even if he didn’t want kids, he thought it was still too early for them. He just started off his new career after college, which contained working at night. Just like in the old-days at his childhood home it was rare to find him at the house during the day. Then Cameron thought about what she said again and cringed so he asked “Are you sure it’s mine?”  “It’s a she. I already went to the Dr’s to find out the gender, and yes I’m sure. ” Naomi said. “Oh.” Cameron had no words, he couldn’t argue he was beat. Naomi said she was going to move in first thing in the morning, Cameron nodded and accepted what was. 

Naomi: You understand what this means, right Cam?

Cameron: I don’t know.

Cam didn’t even want to talk to Naomi now, he was mad for no reason. He was the one who asked, and had unprotected sex . He knew it too so Cameron had no one else to blame but himself.

Naomi: I don’t mean to get bossy, but it just means you’ll have to sort of, stop doing what you do all the time, you know? We were young, we were silly, but we’re going to have new responsibilities now.. We have to grow up, we’re adults now. 

Cameron just was not having it, he wanted to shout “FUCK OFF” at the top of his lungs. But since Conor is living with him, he knows how to maintain his moods.

“Okay.” Cam said. 

Naomi left him too it and reminded him she’ll be back, she’s going baby shopping, and moving her things in.


Right after Cameron went online to check his fanmail, his twitter, his blog, his online dating profile. And acted as if the news from Naomi wasn’t given to him at all. Started flirting with the female fans, and chatting with them for most of the night. Still, in the back of his mind he could not believe he was going to have a daughter. It would have made him feel better if he had a son. He kept thinking about how boys could be like him, and hit on his daughter all the time, and use her, and.. Well, this gave Cameron a reality check for himself. When it’s his own, it’s much different. Father instincts were kickin’ in for him, and he didn’t even know it.

Screenshot-601 Screenshot-602

After Cam was done online,  he renewed his phone since the screen cracked. And starting texting girls.. He did not tell anyone about Naomi on his social websites. Even though Cam sold his old blog, it didn’t take him long to make a new blog that gained more followers. And it doesn’t mean his fans forgot him. Cam was already known, no matter what he did from this point on he got attention. It was morning time, Cam told Conor about what happen and Conor seemed happy for Cam. He was happier for Cam than Cam was for himself. 


 Cam went into the kitchen and cleaned it up by washing the plates and taking out the trash. Yeah, you would think Cameron lived like a slob but he knew how to keep things clean. He learned a lot from Allison. It’s a good thing he had her.

Screenshot-603 Screenshot-604

Weeks had past. It was an early morning and Cameron’s friend came over. He invited her, to get some stress off his chest. They just chat for a few, and joked around for a little bit.  He even dared here to eat cinnamon. Then he told her about what happen. She gave him advice that she knew Cameron didn’t want to hear. “How well did your Mom and Dad take care of you? You grew up okay. A little rough around the edges but hey, your family taught you some great morals. No?” Cameron just listened to her. “All I’m saying is, it is what it is. Your daughter will be here whether you want her to or not. Now it’s up to you to be the loving parent for her. Not all parents are perfect but you can try.” Cameron just shrugged it off and nodded yes. He was too stubborn to give long replies to all these parenting lectures. He said bye to his friend and went inside, he found Naomi in there.

Screenshot-607 Screenshot-608 Screenshot-609

Naomi felt right at home, it was asif she lived there forever. She made herself some waffles first thing and then extra after the first plate! She was eating for two anyway, so it was okay. The room for her daughter was finished, she had all the food she needed, Naomi was set and ready.


Her stomach was growing fast, she was getting large by the second. Naomi could pop right open anytime. (Eep, I gave in and started playing with the coleman’s. I actually didn’t want the pregnancy to happen until Chapter 3. Oops.)

Screenshot-615 Screenshot-616

Same day Cameron wanted to throw a get together, he invited Gavin, his girlfriend, Roland, his girlfriend, and a few friends but it was open for anyone to attend. He asked Naomi if she wanted to go just to be nice, and she said yes. Cameron has to atleast party once a week or he doesn’t feel right. Doesn’t matter if it’s intimate or crazy he has to be out somewhere doing something.

Screenshot-617 Screenshot-620 Screenshot-621 Screenshot-622

So they went out. It was wet outside. Once they got to the lot, they were getting swarmed by fans! And even by people who knew them was freaking out. Or.. Atleast Cameron knew them. Allison’s boyfriend, and Chiquita. Chiquita was always a fan of Naomi before she knew about them though. But Naomi didn’t seem to mind it. Everyone started freaking out even more when they saw Naomi pregnant. Both of them being together combined just gave them twice the fame. They hardly had time to party, they were too busy socializing with friends, family, and fans.

Screenshot-623 Screenshot-624 Screenshot-626

Cameron went outside and saw  Kia O’dell. He saw that she was pregnant too! It was weird for him to see that cause all he could think about was “Is this pregnancy month..”  Kia is Gavin’s girlfriend in which Cameron found for Gavin through the simfinder app that he had. He wanted to find someone perfect for him especially after the Noel incident that happen back at college, and she was it. Looks like Cameron wasn’t the only Coleman that was expecting a child soon. This made Cameron feel a little better. After, he went around asking for Naomi, he couldn’t find where she was. Everyone said she left ages ago because she wasn’t feeling well but didn’t want to bother. Cameron shrugged it off once again and stayed chatting with people.

Screenshot-625There was a woman at the party, an older woman, who started flirting with Cameron. Obviously  Cameron was lord of flirts, so that didn’t help his flirting problem at all. He even went in for a heat of the moment kiss which the lady accepted.  A paparazzi was behind the bush and snapped it, Cameron didn’t see it. So he thought he had got away with it. He had stayed talking with her and chatting allnight long. He finally left, cause the party was dying down.

Screenshot-613 Screenshot-614 Screenshot-627

On his way home he was.. Like an idiot he was drinking and driving.. Ended up slamming right into the door.. As soon as he opened it, there Naomi was. With Cameron’s newborn daughter, which she named Ireland Coleman. She would have asked for Cameron’s input in the name but she knew he wouldn’t of cared. Which he didn’t. Cameron just stared at her, Naomi smiled and asked him if he wanted to hold her. Cameron said sure.


Cameron: Aw..

Ireland Coleman looked at her Dad for the very first time. This was a special moment. Cameron has never felt so much love before until he held his daughter. That’s when Cameron got intouch with his emotional side. But the real question was, will this actually change him? Or was it just for a ‘in the moment’ reaction? 

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10 thoughts on “Gen. 2 Chapter 1.

  1. Awww how sweet. Silly Cameron, thinking he got away with kissing that random girl. He’s a celeb.. paparazzi are everywhere! 🙂 I wish I could renew my phone by floating it in the air, that’s so cool. I’m procrastinating at the moment, I can’t think of a good chapter name for my new chapter. 😉

    • Haha, I know right. Tsk tsk, bad Cam. And yeah it’s so weird I didn’t even now that smart phones broke if you overuse them! I had to buy him a new one. When you do that, the phone magically flies up in the air, it’s really cool. Haha, I suck at names! That’s why I always just stick with Gen (#) Chapter (#)

  2. Finally finished catching up!

    Wow, so much in your story so far and I am loving it. Though, I have to say I wished it was Gavin that was chosen to continue on with. I loved Gavin. Though, Cam’s story is definitely turning out to be interesting so far.

    Either way, keep it up! I’ll definitely be hanging on for the next chapter.

    • I appreciate you taking the time out to read up on my legacy.

      And thank you, I’m glad you ended up liking the entire thing! I know it can get confusing sometimes. And there were a lot of people who wanted Gavin to win, the heir poll was so close he lost by one point! I wanted Gav to win too. But on the plus side for all the people who liked him, they can download Gavin now. 🙂

      But alright! I might have another chapter up this week.

  3. Aww, Cam’s such an asshole but he’s still cute none the less. Haha! I can’t wait to find out what Naomi says whenever she sees the paparazzi picture! And Ireland is adorable, I adore her room, too, it’s so awesome.
    I’m worried for when the chapter comes when Conor is going to pass, not at all looking forward to that.. But, am looking forward to more Cameron!
    Gavin’s girlfriend is pregnant, too? Awwwwww! And I really like that you updated us with Roland, I was actually wondering about him for a while. His daughter is so cuteee.

    • Yeah dude, he is an ass I couldn’t agree more. 🙂 And I thought the posters fit the room just right I also had fun decorating it. My friend was going to but couldn’t we weren’t on the same level with timing. I’m glad she made them though, they’re her posters.

      But ikr, lol. And yeah she is, it’ll be tough getting pictures cause I’m playing in a different household but I hope I get some more of Gavin and Roland’s kids.

  4. … Where’d Ireland get the black hair…?
    Hmm, let’s see. Conor is reddish brown, and Jenni was a blonde. Cameron has brownish hair, too, and so does Naomi, sort of. So where’d the black hair come from? 0.o
    And they better look after her very well. 0.o Fortune for females in the Coleman legacy has been quite bad, after all…

    • I honestly have NO idea!!! The genetics are so weird in this family. I think from Naomi’s black highlights in her bangs. LMFAO. And I know right, haha. This coleman family is cursed.

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