Ireland Coleman Photoshoot V1.

Screenshot-633 Screenshot-634 Screenshot-635 Screenshot-636 Screenshot-637

Ireland Coleman is daughter of Cameron Coleman. Her favorite color is grey, favorite kind of music is hiphop just like Cameron, and her favorite kind of food is Riscotti (I think that’s the name of it) her personality so far is friendly and brave. It’s his first, unplanned, unexpected child but the newest addition to the family woohoo. I think she got Cameron’s eyes, and her Moms hair? Even though her Moms hair is Auburn/brown but her highlights were black. That’s probably why Ireland has black hair. Her idle right now is princess Tiana! She loves disney. And yeah, we sure will be seeing more of miss Ireland. I think she’s quite awesome for a toddler!


4 thoughts on “Ireland Coleman Photoshoot V1.

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask this and I don’t know why I haven’t. How do you get so low to the ground to get the screenshots for the toddlers? I’ve found mods that say they go as low as I need them to, but it still never works.. Is it some kind of mod/package, or are you propping them up onto something?

    • Nope! I don’t use any kind of mod for my pictures, I just use my laptop keys. It’s really simple, and a good way to get it close. I don’t know how I discovered it, I think I was messing around with everything and it happened. Ever since then I use it all the time. But you get like 3 inches away from your sim, hit “tab” after tab, you hit “q” and it’ll keep doing down to the ground. Sometimes I even hit “a” and “d” while on tab options to give my picture angles. And of course, you can use the “+” key for zoom. My keyboard takes a huge roll in my pictures. Hahaha, I never click the camera on the side or just press “c” hope that helps

      • Huh.. Interesting! I never thought the keyboard when it came to The Sims could hide such awesome stuff. I wish I’ve known of this sooo long ago! Hahaha Thanks so much! I’ve been dying to know how you and others did that. 🙂

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