Naomi Johnson Photoshoot.

Screenshot-677 Screenshot-678 Screenshot-682 Screenshot-684 Screenshot-687Screenshot-685 Screenshot-688Screenshot-689 Screenshot-690Screenshot-691 Screenshot-692 Screenshot-693

Naomi might not be married to Cameron so she isn’t officially part of the ‘Coleman family’ yet, but she did have his child. And that alone made her somewhat part of it.. My graphics have been acting quite shit lately, but I thought I’d still do a photoshoot with her anyway so everyone can get a clear view of her. Young famous Mom at your service. Who was a party animal just like Cameron but forced herself to grow up just for the sake of her daughter Ireland. Hm, she looks lighter in photoshoot lighting.. Her traits are Brave, Good, Party-Animal, Social butterfly, and Ambitious.


3 thoughts on “Naomi Johnson Photoshoot.

  1. She really is beautiful. =) She has to be really strong, too, to forcibly grow up like that and move in with Cameron to take care of their daughter. Now let’s hope Cameron will be able to do that, too. =/

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