Conor Coleman Photoshoot V2.

Screenshot-722 Screenshot-723 Screenshot-724 Screenshot-725 Screenshot-726

Conor Coleman is the most important Sim in this entire legacy. He was the founder, the one who started off this ten generation, but as we all know legacy sims do not live forever at all. In my game he is going to move on way too soon, when you play, default settings go by fast even when at times it feels like forever. For me it shows he only has 3-4 sim days before he leaves us, so I wanted to get my last photoshoot with him before he passes. When my Sims move on, I don’t keep track of their loved ones remains  or save the sims in CAS in bin unless they’re up for download. So some even get lost. Like Allie’s! But I actually tried to save hers since she died at university. When they got home, her grave wasn’t in Gavin’s inventory anymore,  just a million bills (I think it’s a glitch) which did make me a little mad because I wanted Allie to be the second Sim download for you all as a ghost. But yeah,  hopefully everyone enjoys Conor as much  as I did. There’s no tellin when he’ll leave in the chapter but I’m sure it won’t be a purdy. That shirt makes him look like a computer geek. Lol, I like doing photoshoots, if I could do them allday I probably would! but that would be lame cause no one would know the background stories.


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