Gen. 2 Chapter 2.



A week went by and in the middle of the night while Cameron was watching TV, Naomi turned it off and confronted him about what she saw in the magazines. Cameron just looked at her.. He couldn’t deny that he kissed someone at the get together, because there was evidence all over the it. Cameron told her he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing when really he was perfectly aware of what he was getting himself into. Naomi just was not buying it and rolled her eyes as he continued to make an excuse. “Whatever” Naomi said, she walked out the room and went upstairs. Cameron went Ireland’s room to check up on her.


As Cameron opened the door, there Ireland was excited as ever to finally see her Dad. Cameron isn’t around often so every-time he turns up Ireland’s face lit up. “Why aren’t you in bed? I thought Grandpa or Naomi tucked you in” Cameron said trying to sound strict. Ireland just looked at Cameron and gave him a sweet smile. “Obviously they didn’t huh?”


Cameron picked Ireland up, throwing up her in the air, tickling her, and started playing with her. As soon as he thought his rage with Naomi was done, something started back up again. Naomi was walking downstairs, calling for Cameron. “Uhoh, your Moms not too happy with me right now I wonder what she wants this time.” Cameron quickly put Ireland into her walker as Naomi opened the door.

Screenshot-652 Screenshot-656

“I can’t believe you went behind my back texting four other girls, and asking them out on dates and for woohoos. Like the picture in the magazine wasn’t enough. I let that one go! But no, you’re not cheating with just one girl Cam, but four!” Naomi was infuriated. She was hollering so loud and was so upset she could not acknowledge  the fact that Ireland was right there observing the whole scenario.  “What were you doing looking in my phone anyway? Invasion of privacy, ya?” Cameron got snappy with her. They started going back and forth once again. But this time no one was backing down.

Screenshot-658 Screenshot-659

Ireland was still sat there in her walker, watching her parents fight. Cameron was ticked off, no one has ever fought with him like this before. The other girls he was with cried and left him alone. Yes they complained for a few hours when he did things like this, but they let Cameron be. Naomi was not like them, she was strong willed, and took crap from no one, not even Cameron. “I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you Cameron. We have a kid now, you can’t do this type of thing anymore we went over this.”  Cameron was tired of all the complaining, and he thought Naomi was getting bossy. Knowing how stubborn Cameron is,  he snapped and said something he shouldn’t have said. “I didn’t even want to have a stupid kid with you.. You show up on my doorstep talking about ‘Cam I’m pregnant!’ I wasn’t ready for this, I didn’t want to be with you, it’s not like I had a choice to choose you or not. But I can do whatever I want Naomi, we’re not married. Chill!” Naomi’s jaw dropped she had no words.


Just to make things worse Cameron snatched the phone from Naomi, and texted back all the girls in front of her face. Then he blogged about his fight that he had with her. Naomi just gave him the most disgusted look on her face by his childish actions. “Cameron.. I just hope someday you grow up. I really do.” Cameron kept texting as though he didn’t hear a word that came out of her mouth. “What would Allie think about what you’re doing..” She shook her head. Deep down Naomi just made things worse, the only thought Cameron had was ‘How dare she bring my loss up?”

Screenshot-655 Screenshot-657

Naomi ignored his reply like he did to her and set things straight ” You don’t want me or Ireland apart of your life, It’s clear. We put a ‘pause’ button on your life.  We will just leave you then! I’ll pack up our things and we’ll go. Like If you don’t want me here, and you want me to leave then fine, but she’s coming with me. But don’t get upset when she gets older and starts calling someone else Dad, or when she starts asking you questions because that will be all your doing.” Cameron brushed it off like he did not care what Naomi was saying, when he gave the biggest care in the world. “Fine.” Cameron was silenced by what she said. “Fine!” Naomi said.

Screenshot-661 Screenshot-662

Naomi stormed out the room where Cameron was left there heartbroken. He wanted to go after Naomi and apologize, but he couldn’t do it. He’s never had to chase after a girl before, girls chase after him. He didn’t want to cry in front of his daughter but how could he not, when Naomi was going to take her away from him? Cameron had a moment to himself, thinking about what he should do next.  Conor came in the room, he overheard screaming voices.

Screenshot-665 Screenshot-666 Screenshot-667

“What is going on in here? You two are adults, you shouldn’t be fighting like that around your kid.”  Conor picked up Ireland. “Are you alright Cam? I saw Naomi storm out.”  Conor was clueless, but he was trying his best to be understanding  about it “Yeah, I’m fine Dad.” Conor suspiciously stared at Cameron but did not bother to ask anymore questions, he could tell he felt uncomfortable “Hm.. Alright then. I’ll put Ireland to bed. You go ahead and get ready for tomorrow.” Cameron thought he was going to work tomorrow, but he had other plans in mind. He needed to get away from home, so he went online and booked a ticket for a three day vacation in Paris.  Not telling anyone about it.

Screenshot-669 Screenshot-670 Screenshot-671 Screenshot-672

That next morning Cameron woke up extra early so he could say goodbye to Ireland, she did not want Daddy to leave. He said he was sorry to her, even though he wasn’t sure if she could understand it or not but regretted telling Naomi that she was stupid. Because he didn’t think that about Ireland, he did care about her and did not want her to be taken away from him. It wasn’t up to him now, so all he could hope is for the best. Cameron walked out the door and flew on his way.

Screenshot-764 Screenshot-765 Screenshot-766

As soon as Cameron landed, he ran across the entire city and started to explore as many destination’s as he could. He was starting to feel good about his little get away decision. Better yet, what other way to choose a place than the city of love. “Tons of french girls.” was on the mind of Cameron. He never learns.. First thing he wanted to do was shop for souvenirs that he could take home and put around the house.


He entered the store, it was crowded. Everyone was blocking the entrance… (Annoying)


When he finally got in, he started looking around. But the only thing is, everyone was staring at him. “Crap.” Cameron thought. At times he forgets how wide spread his blog is. It gets too much attention and now people know that he’s in town. This concerned Cam, but then he said to himself “I might as well embrace it, it’s not going to change.” So he kept looking around as-if nothing ever happen.

Screenshot-768 Screenshot-769

Cameron went over to the cashier to buy the items and books he had picked out from inside the store. The cashier lady seemed interested, first thing she said was “Je’adore Cameron!” Cameron thought the accent made what she said ten times cuter. He isn’t too much of a french talker, but he headed out the door with “Merci!” and explored more.


He went to the next store which had a lot than the first one he went too. This was empty with people though, which made Cameron’s shopping experience in Paris twice as comfortable.


Until he turned around and caught a guy staring at him from the corner of his eyes. Cameron turned around then looked back forward again, frustrated. His life is never private anymore. Someone always had to get involved.

Screenshot-762 Screenshot-763

Before it got dark Cameron headed back to his hotel in which he was staying at. Too many people had ruined it for him, he did not want to be followed any longer so he went back inside and played with his kickyball that he snatched up back at college. It was like taking in the moment of old times.


Next day it was nice out, Cam decided to do take a drive and do something a little different  so he headed out to the winery, where he can pick different types of grapes and create his own Nectar.  This sounded exciting.

Screenshot-774 Screenshot-775 Screenshot-776 Screenshot-777

When he was done he asked the kind and quiet lady if he could buy a few bottles and try it, before he made some of his own. She nodded and assisted him to a few choices of what he might be interested in so Cameron looked through them. The nectar place was chill, you could tell the lady was old fashioned and not into technology at all,  because she did not know who Cameron even  was which was the best part of it. Cam bought about 3 bottles and decided to serve it on a tray, just so anyone can have it.

Screenshot-778 Screenshot-779 Screenshot-780

Cameron went over to the tables and drank his cup of nectar. When a paparazzi/reporter randomly followed him in “Really.. Don’t you have something better to do than to follow me everywhere?”  this really made Cameron mad. “Get a life, quit worrying about mine and focus on your own. I’m human too… You paparazzi act like I don’t have any feelings at all.”

Screenshot-781 Screenshot-782

Of course the reporter didn’t care about what Cameron had said, probably wrote down a lie about him to add fuel to the fire. Cam walked away on his own and decided to make his own nectar since he was done with his drink. He had liked the way it turned out.

Screenshot-783 Screenshot-784

He created his Nectar with the grapes he picked out. Something about that first time experience put him in a good mood.

Screenshot-785 Screenshot-786

He even caught the reporter sneaking up on him again and instead of yelling, he showed her a funny video on his phone. Then helped her pick out a nectar that he recommended her to buy based off of what he had tried. It kinda helped Cameron ease up a bit, because he knew that stalker paparazzi would be off his tale for temporarily if she saw his genuine side.. Or atleast that’s what he assumed.


It was the last day of his trip, and Cameron wanted to make the last day his best and enjoyable. It isn’t often for him to travel out of his own town, and as a matter of fact it was his first time aside of college. But he woke up being a pest, and used his megaphone to wake up the extra roomies in the hotel. Cam thought it was hilarious! It also let off some steam he was holding in.

Screenshot-791 Screenshot-792 Screenshot-793

First thing Cam did was check his emails, and came across his foreign friend Beau. She had been dying to meet Cameron ever since he told her that he was in town but it was his last day so they agreed on meeting up at the art galleria. Then Cameron checked his phone real fast and found a late text from Naomi asking where he was. He sighed and put his phone back in his pocket. He didn’t want to have anything to do with her on his trip, it was a get away and she was ruining it just by that text.

Screenshot-795 Screenshot-796 Screenshot-797 Screenshot-798

Cameron got there a little early, he didn’t have anywhere else to go and he did not know the area one hundred percent so each day he got himself a jumpstart including his last. When he arrived at the art galleria, he viewed some statues for a little while.. Some good, some not so good.. He texted his foreign friends and blogging while he was at it, and waited for Beau to come.

Screenshot-799 Screenshot-803

Beau had finally arrived! The main thing that caught Cam’s attention once again were the french accents. The man behind Beau noticed Cameron, but didn’t say a thing just starstruck. They didn’t even look around once she got there, they talked for hours like they knew each other for a long time. But this time, Beau was throwing herself at Cameron and saying anything just to please him.

Screenshot-800 Screenshot-801 Screenshot-802

Cameron didn’t know what to say to stop her, all he knew was that he was getting turned on by it and let her do what she wanted. “You french girls man, I tell ya..”  Cameron assumed they were soft and romantic. Beau proved not all of them, she’s feisty. He didn’t mind that, it made him like her even more. He liked Beau’s personality and of course, Cameron wanted more and to take her home with him. But he had to tell her the truth first.


“You should move in with me.”  Cameron said, “Oui!”  Beau replied. “But, there’s only one thing..” Beau gave him the ‘Hmmm?’ eye. “I have a daughter, and -” He went on about his situation with Naomi, and talked about Ireland and the complication’s back at home. Literally dropped the bomb. But that didn’t bother Beau. She was flattered enough that he would even want her to move and go back home with him. She thought it was a great idea, and she loved kids so Ireland was not a problem. “But my crazy ex..” “Don’t you worry Cameron, she will not phase me and plus I already knew about your daughter she’s all over the articles just like you.” this made Cameron happy to meet someone who will fight through all his issues with him. So it looked like Beau was going home with him.

Screenshot-806 Screenshot-807 Screenshot-808

Beau left  the art galleria immediately and went back to her own place to pack her things, she was excited to go to Simerica (Get it. Like AMERICA lol)  She hurried up on her scooter, she didn’t have too much time before the flight. After Beau was done, she went over to Cam’s hotel. He was already there.


When she went inside Beau had an epiphany. “Hm..” It was time to ditch the Paris look, and dress up a little more classy so she changed her clothes and redid her hair. She didn’t want to feel so out of place when she got to Cameron’s hometown.


Cameron was messing around on his laptop, waiting for Beau.  Again with the stares! He went to one of the guest bedrooms looking for her.

Screenshot-813 Screenshot-815

He went up there sneaking behind her with a megaphone “BEAU!” which made her jump, she turned around and Cameron handed Beau yellow flowers. “Merci Cameron.” Beau said with a surprised face. Most people get mad when he used their megaphone on them, but nope. Not Beau. Cameron liked her fifty times more for that, someone who understood his prankster ways and didn’t get upset so easily.


We all know how quick Cameron is to jump into relationships. He asked her out, and of course she said “Oui!”

Screenshot-816 Screenshot-820

Just when Cameron thought they were alone in this intimate moment..


There that bloody paparazzi was again! The only thing he had to worry about was Naomi getting a hold of it, but she would know anyway once she saw Beau once they got home. But Cameron did not care, he was in love for the very first time. He told Beau that he promise he would not hurt her. But does this really mean that Cameron has settle down? With Cameron you never know cause his mind works like a corrupted motorboat.

Screenshot-810 Screenshot-811 Screenshot-812

Guest in the hotel came up and started smothering Beau since she was close with Cameron. She was becoming a celebrity already and she didn’t even know it. But Beau is laid-back so she never got irked by any of it like Cam did.. Most people say it’s because when you start off it always seems like ‘fun.’ Enjoy it while you last Beau.

Screenshot-824 Screenshot-825 Screenshot-827

There were a few minutes left before it was time for Cameron to go. He tried to call Naomi to tell her about his new love he met on vacation before he got home, he did not want there to be a bad scene.  It was already bad enough he left without warning the family. He tried but Naomi did not pick up. “Guess I’ll gave to face the consequences.” he called Beau down, and it was time to go. “Yay, Simerica!” it was Beau’s first time leaving her country.


“So are you scared?” Cameron asked. “Scared about what?” Beau asked. “Meeting my family, and Naomi.” Cam said. “Non, not at all!” Cameron was getting shaky on his drive, he did not know what to expect. He knew he was wrong for everything he had done. But when he’s living in the moment he does not think about the details of all the possibilities.


After a long trip, Cameron was home. Conor was upset but did not say a thing about it. Most of it was because his children weren’t children so he could not boss them around. He lives with Cameron so he lives there under his rules, even if he is his Dad. “Nice place!” Beau told him as she was looking around. “Very.. Orange.” Cameron was shaking in his shoes, and started eating candy bars to calm him down. The only thing he had on his mind in that moment was Naomi.. “Dad, where’s Naomi.” Cam asked. “At work son.” “Oh ok.” This was a relief it took off some nervous energy cause he had time to prepare for a reaction.


Beau: So Cam, where’s your daughter?

Cameron: In her room probably.

There Beau found her playing with her dolls.

Beau: She’s so cute Cam! Looks just like you.

Beau warmed up to Ireland so fast, and Ireland seemed to love her.

Cameron: It’s too bad she’s leaving me, I am surprised they’re even still here..

Beau’s smile went upside down, she felt bad for Cameron.. Then there was someone at the door.


17 thoughts on “Gen. 2 Chapter 2.

  1. LOL @that picture of Cameron with a juice box? Ha-ha, you were right, this was kind of like Liang and Tubby! Also, lol@ ‘Cameron’s mind works like a corrupted motorboat.’ This chapter was so cool. 😀 Beau seems so nice. If she can put up with Cameron’s craziness, that’s more power to her!

  2. Ugh, Cameron! Fighting in front of your kid, going to France when Naomi is threatening to take your kid away and coming home with a woman while she’s still in the house? Not cool, not cool at all.
    It was very amusing to read, though. =3

  3. ah I like Beau! Leave it to Cameron to go on vacation for 3 days and come back with a new girlfriend. She deserves an award for putting up with Cam! If they have kid, they’re going to be gorgeous!! I really need to start playing my legacy family again. University has been reeeeally distracting, along with real college midterms… I wish I could get paid to play Sims lol
    Also, you’re going back on tumblr? I didn’t use tumblr until after you left so I don’t really know the deal, but I love tumblr now. I don’t really post anything but I use it a lot more.

    • I know! I found it kinda cool how when you use a simfinder app, the sim you invite will be of that nationality if you’re at paris, you’ll get a french sim. Beau is a french name! If you’re in china your sim will be chinese haha. But she does! She’s being eassssy. And I know what you mean I wish I got paid to play sims also the EA is lucky as hell : And really? What’s your url on there? I’ll follow you.

  4. *starts a slow clap for Beau* Thank goodness someone was finally able to tame Cam, at least for NOW.. That is, until he sees another pretty young thing pass him by and I feel like Beau is going to be crying on the curb. :/
    Oh, Camm.. *shakes head*
    I’m nervous to see how Naomi takes all of these recent happenings 😦
    Good update!

    • LOL ‘starts slow clap for beau’ but I knoooow Cam can’t ever be tamed. And yeah :/ We’ll see though. We will never know! It’s full of surprised! Thanks though. ;D

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