Hi everyone, I miss you guys greatly! Haha, I am so close to being done bringing my legacy from wordpress to my tumblr account so I should be back soon.  I plan on still being active on here. I’ll write up the story and such here first, and then I’ll put it on queue on tumblr.  I would have been done sooner but sadly, tumblr has post limit. Grrrr. BUT I DOO HAVE SOMETHING TO SHARE WITH YOU GUYS TODAY!!! I posted pictures of Roland and his family. 🙂 Which you can find here. http://simswhen.tumblr.com/tagged/rolandsfamily I will add all those pictures on here too, so no worries. Another thing is the judges are determining who will be the winners in the contest so I’ve been keeping track of that forum for it. ANYWAY, YEAH. I’ll see you guys around.

ddkfjkdjdjkfdf Contest????

I’m thinking about entering this contest. I don’t even care about the prize, the building part just seems like so much fun. Should I? fkdfkdkfdkjf ahh, I’m really tempted too. I’m not sure which group I would go for though. Since I’m so simple, probably jocks or nerds..  I just want to keep myself active in the Sims community. The more active I am, the more fun I’m having Haha. Even though I’m already busy as it is with my legacy, but  I want to break for a second and build. But I don’t know I might or might not. Well see, check it out here!


(I should be in bed right now instead I’m on Sim forums wtf)

Okay so I started working on this lastnight. I’m tired. Theme: Aliens


Alright, another update!

I have been  into my game so much that I have an overload of pictures, and it’s starting to get overwhelming for me. So I decided to hit that exit button and not play anymore, until I use them all up and finish these last few chapters. If I don’t find a stopping point for myself, I won’t get anything done!  Lol, I enjoy playing the Coleman’s, there’s never a dull and boring moment for me in that household really! And with these upcoming chapters you will see why! My game is on high free will so I experienced a lot of surprising things, which will shock everyone I am sure so I am also anxious for you all to see what has happen. It gave me even more of a reason to stop! But organizing the pictures seem to take the most time out of me, typing does too, but pictures take even more than they should. I have so many folders to separate them and I change all the jpegs into png’s in Photoshop it’s a habit of mine. I like everyone to see the Coleman’s crystal clear, I feel it makes up for my unprofessional writing skills. Also, before I exited my game, I got the poll pictures ready. I basically got everything ready, except for the downloads which I will prepare the next time I go back into my game. I was wondering if you guys wanted the generation one house that everyone grew up in?  And if you did want it, would you want it empty with no CC, or do you want it the way it was when there was life in there? That includes Coleman kids rooms, and Jenni’s kitchen. Makes you feel you’re in the story I guess, but it’s up to you all. I had another house in mind which will be a surprise but all that will be determined once Gen 1 chapter is over. I’m feeling sick today, so I’ve been in bed playing, but I feel better now so I’m going to work on all this overload and get everything in order if I’m lucky maybe you will get a chapter tonight!  Thanks for reading.





Oh, and question if anyone knows. What will happen if I delete my old story pictures off the computer, will they erase from my chapters as well? Like it did for my founder intro, I think? Right now I have a folder for them called “WordPress backup” but these pictures are taking space, I’m scared to delete them, I  just think it’ll disappear from the chapters. So please help, if you know if there’s other solutions to this.

I was wondering (If anyone’s interested.)

I know a lot of people do this anyway, but I wouldn’t want to do it if you guys didn’t really care. Sort of like how I asked with the poses because I don’t want to put so much effort into things if no one even wants them, even though the fun part of it is nice and that’s really what it’s all about but I just don’t have time like that anymore. I know I’m asking a lot of questions but since this is my first real legacy I just want an organize way to do everything  so everyone can participate. I was thinking for each generation, would you guys want me to upload your most favorite sim (Who didn’t make Heir) or to upload all the children of the Heir/Founder for you to use in your own stories, or just to have in your game? Even though I may still end up playing them on the side, It would be really cool to read the way other people use them whether it’s a guest appearance or something. If they end up being use all I ask is to give credit! So should I make a Sim download link? Cause not to bust anyones bubble but once I stop procrastinating Gen. 1 will probably be over after 3-4 more chapters. After those chapters are done, poses will be uploaded.


Hiya! (Please read)

Sorry guys I know I said I would have a story written up for you all yesterday but my laptop shutdown in the middle of it and I wasn’t in the mood to retype it all again. But that’s alright, gave  me a lot more time to get new things in my game. I’ve got tons of decor, that I’m dying to show off from AroundTheSims3. I’m also getting prepared for sims University. I got my paycheck, so I should be having that soon and hopefully I will be able to incorporate that into my legacy. Another thing is, I am experimenting a lot with my pictures, and I am trying out this new HQ mod to see if I like it. So maybe one of the chapters will look different! And I feel like making poses again as well, so I was thinking maybe every generation will get a posepack related to a character. What do you guys think of me doing that? I’d rather make poses for people that keep track of the story, and understand where the humor is coming from so it wall all make sense and just connect. I really don’t want to get too off topic with my blog. I want to try and make all the downloads on here only have to do with the Coleman legacy so I am thinking about deleting the house downloads I have up cause of it too. I need opinions on this idea!  So if you read my legacy, please tell me what you feel about that. I’m off to my game, and a few chores.