Hi everyone, I miss you guys greatly! Haha, I am so close to being done bringing my legacy from wordpress to my tumblr account so I should be back soon.  I plan on still being active on here. I’ll write up the story and such here first, and then I’ll put it on queue on tumblr.  I would have been done sooner but sadly, tumblr has post limit. Grrrr. BUT I DOO HAVE SOMETHING TO SHARE WITH YOU GUYS TODAY!!! I posted pictures of Roland and his family. 🙂 Which you can find here. http://simswhen.tumblr.com/tagged/rolandsfamily I will add all those pictures on here too, so no worries. Another thing is the judges are determining who will be the winners in the contest so I’ve been keeping track of that forum for it. ANYWAY, YEAH. I’ll see you guys around.


I’m back to continue!

Fixed my game, it’s up and running smooth again. If anything happens I will leave a notice but hopefully the ones who were keeping up with my legacy is still around before I continue from where I left off. Thank you all for your patience!

I think I am going to create a Founder.

I’ll be in CAS, I want to create a founder before I start doing anything else. I was going to look at all the different legacies but since I am a dull person I’ll probably just stick to the original. I feel like some have way too many rules and I decided I am going to go with it and do what I want. But I will try my best and make it a story.